Technical difficulties

So I was able to borrow a Mac temporarily just to see if I could get started on editing my video clips.  Unfortunately, my video files were in .mxf instead of .mov or another iMovie compatible format.  I scoured the internet for .mxf converters, downloaded two, but neither would simply convert the file for free, either I had to cut the video short or keep their watermark on it.  So, in the meantime I’m going to see what I can do with my Windows laptop.  I have Movie Maker and hopefully the .mxf files will work.  While the files were uploading, I learned how to upload my powerpoint slides into Movie Maker thanks to this guy:

Definitely one of the funniest how-to tutorials…but I’m not sure he meant to be funny.

I’ll see how this goes, but I may end up having to work on the Mac with iMovie anyways but at least it’s more experience with movie editing!

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