Lights, camera, action part 2

Today Bryan and I filmed the patient scenario part of the motivational interview video.  It’s funny how easy it is to get the giggles when you’re in front of the camera.  As a warning, if I make some awkward faces on camera, it’s because I’m trying not to laugh.  Oh well, I guess I’m not meant to be an actress after all.

One thing about this footage is in order to get both of us in the frame without a lot of empty background we had to be sitting very close to each other.  Now in a real patient interview, it’s important to sit close to your patient but not so close that you’re invading his/her personal space.  Also, we also opted to film in front of a colored background instead of going to the Clinical Skills Center to make the filming part easier.  Although it doesn’t have the same feel as the CSC for a doctor’s office, I really wanted to emphasize the conversation and the points that I’m hitting in the interview, so having a simple background may help with that.

Now I’m looking forward to editing the footage and sharing more tips/tricks that I learn as I create the Motivational Interview podcast!

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