AMSA Keynote – Digital Medicine and the New Medical Education

Hi everyone,

Here are some highlights and references from my keynote at the 2015 American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Convention.

How much do you agree with this statement?

My medical school is teaching me the skills to become a competent physician

Now, how about this one?

My medical school is teaching me the skills to become a competent physician
in this new era of digital medicine

35% of US adults surveyed have gone online specifically to try to figure out a medical condition.  Of those, 53% discussed their online diagnosis with a physician and 38% did not seek the care of a physician because of what information they found.  Source: Pew Internet and American Life Project –

Controversial articles about physicians and technology:

9,000 = Current Shortage of Primary Care Physicians.  65,000 = estimated primary care shortage by 2025.  Source: 2012 AAMC Report on Physician Shortages –

Coffee, Burritos, Your Doctor?  One Medical Group – Overview Video –

Check out Amazing content created by UCI students:

Want to make healthcare apps, but don’t know how to code?  Create an AppJam?  Check out UCI’s Med AppJam at

Need a great patient education tool at the bedside?  Check out DrawMD!

Want to help provide patients with better information about timely health topics?  Check out Patient Education by Providers (PEP) Talks at

Travel abroad and blog about it?  Check out iMedEd International at

You may be comfortable using technology as an individual, but are you comfortable with using technology as a physician?

Amazing mobile health technologies:

Consumer Devices that may have medical implications/uses:

Want to see the potential of 3D Printing?  Imagine being able to print a prosthesis for a growing child from your clinic?  Check out the collaboration between Makerbot and RoboHandVideo Link here.  

Want to learn more about Health 2.0 and Digital Literacy?  Come join our elective for FREE, starting this spring.

Not sure how to use your device in a clinical setting?  Try out our Mobile Technology Etiquette Checklist here

Need a role model for how to use social media as a physician or medical student?

Social Media Rockstars and Role Models

Great words to live by Dr. Vivek Murthy, our youngest Surgeon General — “You are never too young or too old to make a difference in the world.  All that matters is a desire to try”

About Warren Wiechmann

Associate Dean of Instructional Technologies and Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Irvine; ADE2013; Tech + Med + Ed = Awesome

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