Bag lunches aren’t just for kids

So today is the start of Match week, and I have good news, I am going to residency..somewhere.  I’ll find out where on Friday.

The other day I was thinking how impressed I was by my medical school colleagues and how many are already very health savvy.  aI just hope that the great habits many of my peers (myself included) have established early on in our careers persist despite the rigors of intern year, residency, etc.  It’s hard enough to eat healthy in the first place, but when you throw in the late night calls, junk food in the cafeteria or at noon conference, etc. there’s more potential to let these healthy habits fall apart.  When I interviewed at different residency programs, it was interesting to see what food was provided, it’s going to be my diet for the next 3 years.  But what if residency programs (and hospital cafeterias) took it upon themselves to serve healthy food?  Is it really that much more expensive?  Or is it too “cruel” to take away pizza and fried chicken from starving residents?   All I know, is that when I eat food that is nutritious and satisfying, I’m happier, have more energy, and don’t feel like going to take a nap afterwards…  We’ll see how things go next year, but it may just be that I’ll be packing my lunch for a while too.

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