Survey results- part 1

So I’ve started to go through the survey I sent out to get a sense of how UCI medical students perceive nutritional education while in school.  I was able to get 211 people to respond, not too bad, I must say!  So far, some interesting things have come out of this survey.  For instance, only 1 person estimated we receive ~25 hours of nutrition education during medical school.  Why is 25 hours important? Well, 25 hours of nutritional education during medical school (cumulative I might add) is what the National Academy of Sciences recommended in 1985.  At UCI, 81% of students felt the amount of time dedicated to nutritional education was “too little” which is a HUGE percentage compared to the meager 1% who felt it was “too much” and ~18% who felt it was “sufficient.”

I haven’t gone through all the data yet, and I acknowledge that it’s gotta be a self-selecting group that answers this survey.  But I just wanted to share was I have so far! 🙂

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