iTunes University

Today I started exploring iTunes University as a new venue to provide resources for the Nutritional Counseling Elective.  In the past, I had relied on Dropbox to share a large folder of documents to students who were interested.  The tough part is inviting everyone at the start of the elective, and there’s always the chance that someone might accidentally delete or change something in everyone’s folder.  Since I created the Motivational Interview videos, I knew I wanted a way to display them publicly, so my two options were iTunes U and YouTube.  I plan to use both, actually, since YouTube is so accessible and I can just email friends/family/colleagues the videos without them having to open up iTunes.  However, I only recently learned about the cool features on iTunesU that made it seem like a good resource for the Nutritional Counseling Elective.

I have to do more research into this, but one of the questions I have now is what to do about resources that I have been given from other sources.  For example, I downloaded a bunch of handouts from the ADA on diabetes and high cholesterol, but can I share that on the iTunesU page or is that an issue because I’m distributing copyrighted material?  Also, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition provided me with some wonderful handouts that I still use because they are just that good.  Although as a graduate of the program I’m allowed to use them (and paid for them), but will it be a problem to provide them to people who did not go through this course?  Hmm…

Also, for those interested in what iTunesU is all about and how it works, here’s a helpful guide to starting your own course I found online.

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