Survey results- part 2

Wow!  I am really impressed with my colleagues, they are on top of stuff when it comes to nutrition.  The majority either agree or strongly agree with a variety of statements asking about their comfort level in making dietary recommendations to patients.  The subject that people are the weakest in was, not surprisingly, Celiac disease as counseling patients on how to avoid dietary gluten is a pretty difficult task considering all the hidden sources of gluten out there.  Click the hyperlink to see the Survey results

I found it interesting that 32.7% of respondents ranked they disagreed or strongly disagreed (29.4% and 3.3%, respectively) with the statement “I feel comfortable making dietary recommendations to patients who have high cholesterol.”  Dietary and lifestyle changes can be an effective way to lower cholesterol.  But I’ll bet that 100% of those responders could tell you what type of drug to use to treat hyperlipidemia…




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