Mobile Teledermatology – There’s an App for that!

Hüb – the Swedish word for “skin” and the name of a company that manufactures a direct-to-consumer attachment for a smartphone that enables a high-definition capture of a worrisome bump or spot that patients can then directly send, along with a fee, to a board-certified dermatologist through the application, First Derm, for diagnosis. Granted, the preliminary study on the technology was lead by the owner of iDoc24, First Derm’s parent company, it showed promising results regarding accuracy of teledermatologic diagnosis rivaling that of a face-to-face clinical appointment.  While Hüb-First Derm could potentially expand access to dermatologists in underserved areas or countries, it remains to be seen whether our current medical, legal, and social frameworks are ready for such a shift away from the doctor-patient relationship.

Original article: Mobile teledermatology, there’s an app for that!

First Derm YouTube ad: Convenience, anonymity, results

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