Taking a PEEK with a Smartphone: The new age retinal exam

Peek Retina is a smartphone retinal adapter that obtains opthalmologic retinal images using just a smartphone. A validation for the use of the adapter was published in JAMA Opthalmology in February 2016. It compared the grading of optic nerves from smartphone images to those obtained with a digital retinal camera. The study cohort took place in Kenya and a total of 2152 optic nerve images were obtained. It was demonstrated that nonclinical photographers using the low-cost smartphone adapters were able to acquire optic nerve images comparable to images obtained with the retinal digital camera.

The implications of this innovation are great such that it will allow another affordable screening method in both rural and urban settings. Hopefully future studies will elucidate the usefullness of this design in annual screenings for at risk patients. peek



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