Hello, Siri: What makes a voice attractive?

A recent study presented at the 172nd Meeting of Acoustical Society of America by a group from Canada postulating what makes a voice sound “attractive”. Data demonstrated that both female and male listeners agreed that voiced vowels sound attractive whether spoken by a male or a female. However, consonents are a different story. The main takeaway was that female listeners tended ot rank the male voice more attracting when the “s” sound decreased in duration. Contrastingly, males listening to female voices found that the “s” sound was more attractive when it increased in duration. So why does this matter? Perhaps iPhone 8 will incorporate the option to be a male or female listener and change the Siri function accordingly. More importantly it indicates the sheer complexity of the human mind and gives us a great insignt on how male and female brains may differ in overal perception of sounds, sights, etc.



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