Mabu the Personal Healthcare Assistant

When I first started third year, during my ambulatory rotation I saw a man who was in his 90s who was extremely noncompliant. I remember that he thought it was extremely helpful when I programmed medication alarms into this phone. Now Catalia health created a personal healthcare companion to help patients stay healthy. The company is a San Francisco based company aiming to transform the patient experience. But this application is not just about pill reminders, but about helping patients manage the disease and the other issues that come along with that. These issues even include depression. Mabu build a relationship with a person and then talks to the patient every day. Mabu even jokes. The key to Mabu is to help keep the patient engaged. The newest version is scheduled to come out later this year. Obviously there needs to be further testing and little is know if this is truly going to be helpful. Mabu has a long way to go before it is covered by insurance companies.



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