“Millennial Generation’s Learning Preferences in Medical Education Examined”

The word millennials has been thrown around the news recently. The millennial generation is a generation of people born from the year 1982-2000.  As the millennial generation matures they are having increasing influence in business and entertainment. The millennial generation has unique preference and these preferences in regards to medical education is examined in a study by the Mayo school of medicine. The study showed that Millennials valued perfectionism, transparency, rules, emotional stability and self-reliance while setting high expectations. The study used a milestone-based assessment, where students are provided with feedback on performance of milestones at all different levels. The feedback was designed to be individualized, which is thought to provide a sense of mentorship throughout the millennial learner’s educational experience. The study showed that Millennial learners were particularly appreciative of milestone learning as it satisfies the millennial need for personalized education as well taking into account the emotional quotient. Medical education as it stands now is far from personalized as most assessments are extremely standardized. Perhaps there is room for technology in personalizing such a broad curriculum.



  1. Janeve R. Desy, MD et al. Milestones and Millennials: A Perfect Pairing—Competency-Based Medical Education and the Learning Preferences of Generation YMayo Clinic Proceedings, February 2017 DOI: 1016/j.mayocp.2016.10.026

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