Our Goal


Health + Education + Innovative Technology = HealthEdIT.  Changing the way we approach health.

Students and faculty of UC Irvine and the UCI School of Medicine have created a one-stop shop for today’s most relevant articles on the uses of technology in healthcare. UC Irvine’s School of Medicine is well known for its ability to adapt to a changing technological environment, most famously with the first successful implementation of a school-wide iPad program.

With this desire to be at the forefront of a changing field, we offer an experienced view of the next big thing in medicine, a field notorious for being technologically behind. Our blog, HealthEdIT (health + education + innovative technology), provides access to information about the latest thinking and research on the uses of technologies in medicine.

Unlike other sites and services that curate Twitter hashtags, our team searches the web to identify relevant content and then summarizes it so that you can quickly and efficiently understand what is happening in your area of interest.  Our topics range from the latest medical app reviews to the uses of new technologies in healthcare to emerging trends in patient engagement and ePatients.

The blog creates the necessary broader picture of how medicine and medical education are being influenced by the rapid introduction of new technologies and how these inventions shape the future of healthcare.

As medicine catches up with technology, you can too.

Are you interested in becoming part of the curation team?  Email us at healthedit@gmail.com!

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