Who We Are

HealthEdIT’s Editorial Board:

  • Warren Wiechmann, MD, MBA — Editor-in-Chief
  • Julie Youm, PhD — Managing Editor
  • Kristen Santora — Managing Editor
  • Tiffany Chao — Writer
  • Raymond Lam — Writer
  • Cathy Le — Writer
  • Hinesh Patel — Writer
  • Ron Sahyouni — Writer


Warren Wiechmann, MD, MBA

Warren Wiechmann (@warrenwiechmann; http://www.warrenwiechmann.com) is the founder and editor-in-chief of HealthEdIT.

Warren is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and the Associate Dean of Instructional Technologies for the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine.  He is passionate about technology and education and his mission is to prepare the next generation of practitioners for the rapidly evolving landscape of modern and digital medicine.

He is the project lead behind UC Irvine’s iMedEd Initiative, recognized this year for a second time as an Apple Distinguished Program.  Warren has spoken internationally about medicine + technology + education, is a TEDx speaker, and has received a distinction as an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2013.

Julie Youm, PhD
Managing Editor

Julie Youm (@julieyoum) is a managing editor of HealthEdIT and a member of the Instructional Technologies Group at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. She is a software developer who has turned her focus to educational technologies specifically for use in promoting medical education. Health + Education + Innovative Technology represents the intersection of her interests and she is excited to see the changes coming in this space.

Kristen Santora
Managing Editor

Bio coming soon.

Tiffany Chao

Tiffany Chao is a current undergraduate at UC Irvine, majoring in biological sciences. She is interested in how technology can be incorporated in the health care system and how it can influence how doctors work in their environment. After college, she hopes to go to medical school.

Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam is a second year Biological Sciences Major who’s hobbies range from watching the LA Lakers to riding bikes. He considers himself quite the techie and is excited to see what the future has in store for health and technology.

Cathy Le

Cathy is a sophomore at University of California, Irvine whose goal is to become a nurse to help those in need. She is interested in swimming, animals, and the efficient use of technology in our daily lives. As an aspiring nurse, Cathy would like to see the fusion of technology and medicine to make health care as efficient as possible.

Hinesh Patel

Hinesh Patel is currently a first-year MD/PhD student at UC Irvine with a strong interest in utilizing technology to improve medical diagnosis and treatment. He previously studied bioengineering at UC Berkeley where his past research experiences focused on utilizing micro/nanotechnologies to develop integrated, multiplexed, and high-throughput diagnostics.  Currently, his interests are two-fold: 1) He is interested in utilizing current technologies to  streamline collaborations at the point-of-care; 2) He is interested in how current  technologies can impact global health and medicine in resource-poor communities. He also loves to snowboard, camp/backpack, homebrew, and travel.

Ronald Sahyouni

Ronald Sahyouni (@sahyounir) is a writer and content curator for HealthEdIT.
Ron is a Medical Student at University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine.  His interests focus on the integration of medicine and technology, as well as regenerative medicine and neuroscience. He conducts research on neural stem cell transplantations for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Ron is also an avid drummer (rock & blues mainly).
He is a content creator and teaching fellow for Khan Academy, co-founder of the TechMed Interest Group at UC Irvine, and app developer. Ron is working on a project with Khan Academy to provide a free and comprehensive MCAT review course for students around the world (http://goo.gl/DdXbBM). He is also an advisor for UC Irvine’s largest Hack-A-Thon, HackUCI (http://www.hackuci.com).

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